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Between concrete and steel, courgettes / Emily Hussey

(Grange Garden construction site from roof terrace, Woodmill Building) “(…) Beneath the dynamic interactions of people, products and activities lies a fundamental social, economic and environmental unsustainability. London’s total footprint extends to about 125 times its surface area, i.e. it requires the equivalent of the entire productive land area of Britain to sustain itself. (…)” James Petts (2001) Urban Agriculture in London, Series on Urban Food Security Case Study 2, WHO, Regional Office for Europe

“(…) An oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city – What better way to sum up the secluded haven that is Grange Garden? Modern city living demands a beautifully designed home that provides a genuine retreat. This development, nestling on the borders of Southwark and Bermondsey, does just that. Homes that are located near water take on a serene and calming quality and at Grange Garden, water has been used to stunning effect. Sitting in the middle of a fully–landscaped green open space, Grange Garden overlooks a formal water garden. (…)” Union Developments (2011) Grange Garden