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Clearing out the wood workshop / Ben Burgis

From: naomi@…
Date: 2010/07/17
To: …

Please see an email from Emily below regarding the workshop:

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the New Age Workshop – our newly tacked–together–purple–heather–tinted–workspace–for–all. It will be open as of this coming Monday with workbenches, a chop saw, and......well, its early days and the purse strings are all but non existent, but were working on it....


Membership will be £10, a non–refundable cushion should any of the equipment the Woodmill buys get damaged, or in case we need to replace parts. The Duty Manager will collect this when you get the key for the space from them. Keys for the workshop will be available from the Duty Managers Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5.30 (but its probably best to give us a call if you want to come in early as some DM are on site 10–6) – outside of these times we can leave the key somewhere for you to collect if you let us know in advance when you want to get access.
There will also be a sign in sheet which is not a college–style–attendance document I promise, but more there to give us some kind of idea who might have taken the chop saw home with them ... and a highly boring and hugely patronizing induction to the space and equipment (i.e. the chop saw...) given by the on–duty–manager – to all those who can’t call themselves a pro. This is just to avoid unnecessary damage to yourself and the chop saw. Feel free to keep materials and tools in the workshop, but be aware that if they are there they might (inevitably) be used by other people...If you do label your wood and trust to goodwill please don’t fill the space floor to ceiling with the stuff, it is not the new Woodmill–much–needed–storage–space.
Please keep it tidy for other people, and use the storage for wood ends etc. The wood that is in there is for everyone unless labelled otherwise (If you have wood in there I would put your name on it by next Monday) – again, please don’t use it all to build yourself a beach shack...
The casting workshop will be in the small room just off the wood workshop in the hangar (entrance via the green shutter) but won’t be up and running for a few weeks as I need to make the sink plaster–compatible) – but I will let you know when its done. There will be basic facilities – worktops, buckets, water, bins and possibly clay for recycling and something for melting rubber.
The print workshop is proving difficult, and after looking into equipment from all sorts of sources including colleges, print rooms and second hand auctions there is either not enough money for us to buy the stuff, or no one willing to donate/ loan/share their stuff.
Ideas anyone?
If you have anything to add or disagree with please send me an email, the workshop system is provisional and lets see how it goes, we can always change it if it turns out to be a f*****g ball–ache as Stuart would say,

All the best,