An Overview of Contents

Plates 1—7: Prologue

Setting and neighbourhood, historical and current — seven photographs.

In Context

fourty–four pages of texts, interviews and a timeline spanning more than 243 years of loosely connected events — by and with Fran Cottell, Philip Ewe, Alastair Frazer, Jonathan Harvey, Ron Henocq, Emily Hussey, Mike Nelson and Naomi Pearce.

Plates 8—147: Tales

Vignettes, reflections, facts and fantasies, portraits, scenes and documents — a hundred and forty photographs.


fourty-four pages of meta–information — including critical writing, press releases, emails, research and news, as well as a directory of 'related plates' offering mutliple routes to navigate the book.

Plates 148—160: Epilogue

The abandoned site, memories, new developments — thirteen photographs.